A New Friend

You might remember this post and this post a few months back. JR, the Hernando County Sheriff’s officer from near Tampa, Florida where I once interned, made good on his promise to by me a beer one day. He and his family were vacationing in Maggie Valley, NC near Asheville and he decided to stop through Durham. Courtney and I had a blast hanging out with his family. (Photo above by the lovely Courtney Potter).

And naturally we celebrated with drinks at a classy joint born in Tampa Bay Florida itself: Hooters.

We laughed, exchanged war stories and had a good time. JR and his family were on a much needed vacation and while we talked I could tell he was still struggling with the death of his friend.  He is a talented, aspiring photojournalist, who wants to tell stories with his camera once he hangs up his badge and gun in a few years. We both have a common bond in that we aspire to help people in need with our work.

He is a rare, inquisitive and humble breed. I am glad to call him my friend.