The Burnor’s OBX Adventure! And a Q+A! North Carolina Portrait Photographer

I have collaborated with some great couples and families in the latter part of 2012. Laura and Mark Burnor and their families were no exception.

The Burnors hired Courtney and I to travel to Carova, NC on a stretch of the Outer Banks of North Carolina that is only accessible by 4×4 vehicles to shoot portraits of their family and friends during their vacation. We all got to know each other over dinner and drinks the night before (read: beer and booty shaking, and no those photos are not included here). We arose early the next morning before sunrise (much to their dismay, but after chugging some coffee they were awake), and Courtney and I split off with each couple/family for an intimate shoot.

What resulted was a few days of fun in the sun and photography for Courtney and I, and a new group of friends that we would probably go on vacation with next year! Mark taught me how to play horseshoes and I better step up my game if I we meet up next year.


Mark and Laura took time to answer a few questions about their experience working with me and Courtney: 

1: You could have picked a photographer from anywhere, what made you decide to pick me and Courtney? What set our work apart?

Mark and I decided to go with you and Courtney to do our shoot in the OBX for several reasons. The first being that our wedding photographer, Bridget Mcenaney, recommended you to us and we fell in love with the images on your websites. We were looking for photographers that would capture emotion, movement and unrehearsed moments. We were looking for someone to capture our family in a natural sense rather than in poses and we felt you both did that perfectly. The second was after our first conversation on the phone I felt that you were a great fit for our group. Our situation was a bit different in that you would be coming to stay with us in our vacation home and the fact that you both fit in so easily was very important to us and made us comfortable when we were being photographed.

2: Courtney and I had a blast with you, your family and friends. It felt like a vacation to us. After working with me and seeing the results, what in your mind made it the right choice for us to collaborate?

I knew immediately we had made the right choice when we picked you up and were driving down the beach to the house and you were taking pictures of the horses (mostly because that is my immediate reaction). Conversation was flowing, pictures were happening, it made us both excited to see what would happen during our shoot. You both jumped right in and made yourselves comfortable which we really appreciated because it felt as though you belonged there. You made the session fun and relaxed and that was exactly what we had hoped to experience.

3: What was your favorite moment that we captured?

I have a few moments that are my favorites and it would be hard to pick just one. The pictures of Cole and Krysti with him kneeling in front of her belly are priceless and bring tears to my eyes every.single.time I look at them. The fact that we captured the pirate flag in the pictures is also special, it has been a staple of our trips and really has a special meaning to us. The OBX is one of our favorite places and holds a VERY special place in our hearts so to capture such a special time in our lives with Mark and I being newlyweds, Cole and Krysti and Nick and Tina both expecting in the coming months, and my parents having all of the “kids” in family pictures, the emotions in these pictures can never be duplicated.

4: What is the first thing you want to do with the images?

Mark and I gave the group this session and the prints as a “thank you” gift for their parts in our wedding. I know they plan to have several printed to frame and keep in their homes. Mark and I also have a few favorites that we can’t wait to showcase in our home once it is built. There is a good chance we will never experience moments like this again and I couldn’t have picked better photographers to capture such a special time in our lives.


The magic hour light (30 minutes before sunset) was gorgeous in September and the wild horses would show up out of nowhere. The OBX is a special place.