Morgan and Josh Married in Backyard Wedding – Crystal Coast Wedding Photographer

Courtney and I had a busy May with separate weddings and other gigs. One of the highlights was traveling east to work together with Morgan and Josh to capture their simple dockside wedding in Beaufort, North Carolina. Smaller weddings like theirs allow us to slow down really feel like we are part of they day. Morgan and Josh took time to talk with us, so enjoy!


1. What was most important to you in planning your wedding?

Making sure that it represented US. We wanted to combine the traditions of a wedding with our more laid back, family/friend-oriented personalities. We also wanted to make sure the food and scenery were good! Everyone loves good food and scenery! ☺

2. What did you learn about yourself and your relationship in the process of planning the wedding?

This is really quite a tough question. We aren’t really sure but we know that we learned that planning a wedding is stressful! We learned little things throughout the process about each other: how to interact with one another during stressful times; learning what is and is not as much important; and when to compromise and such. As far as individual lessons, Morgan learned that wedding planning for her own wedding was not as glamorous and carefree as she had envisioned when she was seven playing with Barbies. Josh learned that putting weddings together is a lot of work! We both agree that at times we had to learn how to trick ourselves into slowing down enough to enjoy the moment and the event that was being planned for (I’m sure there were more valuable life lessons in there somewhere but we probably won’t see them until we are 50).

4. What was the biggest challenge?

Time- We ran into time crunches with things we hadn’t thought about such as bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, attire shopping, etc. We had a six-month engagement which we thought was PLENTY of time. If we could go back we would probably prefer a seven or eight-month wait.

5. What advice do you have for other brides out there?

Enjoy the moment. It is SO incredibly easy to get caught up/distracted by the small details. Enjoy your family, friends and fiancé rather than worrying! Also, don’t forget your hand crafted veil made from your grandmother’s wedding dress lace. I made it halfway down the stairs before realizing I didn’t have mine! If you have your veil, your friends and family and fiancé then that’s really all that matters! Just breathe, soak it in and ENJOY!

6. What was your favorite moment from the day?

Morgan – When I was in the house getting ready. Of course, I loved the first glance of my man when we got to the ceremony, but ultimately I absolutely LOVED getting ready! Typically, the bride is supposed to be hidden and secluded from guests and such. This was just NOT the case. I was so excited when people I hadn’t seen in years came prancing up the stairs. Everyone from grandparents, family friends, to high school coaches and teachers came in. My male best friend from high school even dared the female zone! It was relaxed and memorable. Plus, the mimosas were calming! 

Josh – Favorite moment of the day is walking down the isle together as a married couple for the first time. 

7. What factors other than photos went into your decision on a wedding photographer? Why did you decide to work with us?

We wanted someone we felt comfortable with. Photography is a very personal part of any occasion, especially a wedding. Knowing we were going to be working so personably with someone made us really focus on the “being able to work well” aspect. We also felt very comfortable since we knew people who had worked with you before. We had heard nothing but wonderful things and when we began researching photographers we kept coming back to you guys! The photos were just not comparable! We loved the documentary approach and then the comfort with you guys made it all fall into place.

8. From booking to delivery of images and seeing the results, what in your mind made it the right choice for us to collaborate? Did anything surprise you?

We knew it was the right choice to collaborate with you and Courtney after meeting you the first time and going through everything over dinner. It made it feel like we were having professional friends document our wedding and the results turned out better than we could have ever dreamed!

9. What’s next for you as a couple?

We are very excited to see where the future takes us! In our first few married months we have already worked through some major decisions. From Charleston to Hawaii, we have been faced with a couple of move decisions that have ultimately kept us in Raleigh. However, we are open to moving the very near future. We have always said that we would spend our first years traveling the world and getting settled before ever thinking of kids. This is still our plan. No kiddos in the near future. I’m a teacher and I feel like I already have 23 of them. We plan to go to Indonesia on our first international trip together this year, and then we will just see where the wind takes us. Lot’s of traveling, maybe even moving, but definitely love, laughter and plenty of excitement.   MORGAN AND JOSH JC 20140524 MORGAN AND JOSH JC 20140524 MORGAN AND JOSH JC 20140524 MORGAN AND JOSH JC 20140524