In Print, In the Mail

My wife (wedding photographer Courtney Potter) and I got a nice thank you note in the mail the other day from Julie & Lee, designed with some of their wedding photos! Julie and Courtney have been best friends since they were teenagers, and were matron and maid of honor at each other’s weddings. It is hard to beat a handwritten thank you note; the deliberateness speaks much louder than a tweet or a facebook like.

I was reminded of their day when I held this card in my hand.  It was refreshing to hold this physical print, to see their images not backlit by a computer screen.

After all the cake has been eaten, the honeymoon is over, the flowers have wilted and the dress no longer fits, the photos remain.

DVD’s break, could become obsolete, and harddrives fail. But prints of your wedding photos or a custom-designed wedding album are timeless treasures to be enjoyed by generations in your family.

If your house caught on fire wouldn’t these physical reminders of your wedding would be on your list of things to grab on your way out the door?

I have been making prints of my other photo projects to help the editing process. But I need to make prints for posterity’s sake, and I haven’t even printed my own wedding photos.

Sounds like a project for March!