Looking Back on 2014 – Durham North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Twenty Fourteen was a strong year, full of fun and diverse couples. It was a year to celebrate love and progress as North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban was overturned. It was full of travel and shenanigans. It was full of so many things.

It was full of new places and ridiculous vistas.

It was full of first looks.

And catching up with old clients who feel like old friends.

It was full of new life and social progress.

It was full of better angles.

 And homies on the guest list.

 It was full of rowdy receptions.

 And lightsabers, and castles.

It was full of the best trees right when I needed them.

And insane dance floors.

 It was full of little moments, on the edges and in between.

It was full of the best co-conspirators and best friends.

I’m full of thanks. Here’s to more in 2015.