Mick + Sarah’s DIY Backyard Wedding – Raleigh Documentary Style Wedding Photographer


Sarah and Mick were married in October 2013 and graciously agreed to an interview. If you have any doubt as to the power of pictures and the importance of collaborating with a professional wedding photographer, read here about their dog Miles, who was a VIP wedding guest:


1. What factors other than photos went into your decision on a wedding photographer? Why did you decide to pick me?

We appreciated your responsiveness when we were first contacting you regarding your services. You answered our questions in a straightforward manner. We felt comfortable at our first get together to discuss our options with you. Also, what other photographer comes to do a site visit prior to the wedding day? We thought it was great that you came out before the big day to see the location of our ceremony. Not only did you come to check it out, you hopped through the woods just visualizing the day as the mosquitoes were biting your legs and the neighbor’s cat begged for you attention. You were great from start to finish!

2. From booking to delivery of images and seeing the results, what in your mind made it the right choice for us to collaborate?

Simplicity! A lot of the time wedding pictures involve long periods of people standing around and posing for pictures. That’s not what we wanted. You capture awesome images without having to stop the enjoyment of the day. We got the few posed images we wanted and you helped that process move along efficiently. When we got the pictures they were awesome. You captured the day as it was, and that’s what we wanted!

3. For all the brides out there, what advice do you have for them in planning a wedding? 

Setting up all the little details you picture for months and months, 1. Takes longer than you think, 2. Doesn’t matter at the end of the day! Invite the people you, as a couple want to be there; including family, friends, and the people providing you their services.

4. What was your favorite moment that I captured? Was there anything unexpected that I captured?

There are so many great ones. First of all, we lost my husband’s longest friend and one of my favorite friends, Miles the black lab, soon after our wedding. All the pictures that were captured of him are so special! But if I have to pick one specific picture then I love this one of my mother in law! It is so perfect, and just very her! She’s in her wedding gear, a few minutes before walking down the aisle with her son, my now husband, and her daughter, our officiate. She’s just peeking around from the back of the house down the aisle catching a glimpse of all the guests who are seated and waiting. Very funny…

5. Did you foresee any part of your wedding day being difficult logistically or emotionally? Did I make it easier? If so, how? What surprised you about working with me?

I knew it would be like pulling teeth to get my husband to pose for a bunch of pictures. That’s just not his style. We both agreed that we wanted a few posed pictures, including one of the entire wedding party and then a few other family shots. You handled that situation so well. Everyone was lined up and ready to go! Also, as a couple, there are always people trying to take pictures of you the entire day. While this is really sweet, you want to enjoy the day and not have to stop and smile continuously for pictures! You reminded people in a polite way that you were taking pictures and that they would have access to them later. Also, I felt very comfortable with you when you were taking pictures as I was getting into my wedding dress. I thought I would be nervous and shy, but it wasn’t like that at all!

6. What is the first thing you want to do with the images?

My husband (and now me too) has family members in France that weren’t able to make it over to the states for our wedding. So, the first thing we are doing is trying to pick a few favorites (which is REALLY hard) to make some albums for them.

7. What is next for you as a couple? Any big plans?

Building our house!!! We bought some land as a couple prior to getting married, and now we are putting a house on it! It’s the same spot we had our post-wedding bonfire, which makes it very special! We’ll have you over when it’s built? We’ll suit up and do a round two of the wedding for memories sake.